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Emotiv Mobile EEG Technologies Open Your Mind with Girl Looking Left
The most accurate, cost-effective whole
brain measuring technology on the market

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Emotiv Mobile EEG Technologies Open Your Mind Man Looking at Tablet Computer
Monitor cognitive load and discover emotional
responses that are preventing you from achieving peak
mental performance

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Build a better relationship with your brain and develop better,
more relevant practices for calming the storm.

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EMOTIV Mental Commands and SDKs makes our technology
an highly effective Brain-Computer-Interface and can put EMOTIV
at the center of the Internet of Things and the ability to control the
world around you.

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Don’t just look at your brain, look after it

MyEMOTIV takes the complexity out of reading and interpreting your own brain waves, so that you can easily measure your mental performance, derived directly from your mental activity.

Brain Viz
EEG Graph
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Track and Optimize your Brain Performance

Icon 1Capture, save and playback recordings of your brain activity

Measure six key cognitive and emotional metrics: focus, stress, excitement, relaxation, interest and engagement

Explore your brain’s activity patterns in real time with our popular 3D BrainViz viewer

Compare your results to previous sessions and the Emotiv community

Get recommendations on activities you can do in daily life to improve your focus and manage your stress

Measure and Track Brain Activity

MyEMOTIV allows you to capture brain activity over 6 Key Cognitive and Emotional Metrics

Interest: The degree of attraction or aversion to your current activity


Engagement: Your level of immersion in the moment

Focus: A measure of your fixed attention to one specific task

Stress: A measure of your level of comfort with the current challenge

Relaxation: A measure of your ability to switch off and allow yourself to rest

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Welcome to the new EMOTIV experience!